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INRacing and its engineers spent weeks at the drawing board. The idea was to build a simulator cockpit that felt good, was driver-friendly, and brought out the best ergonomics, without losing style and panache. Part of our research (driver comfort) was with a multitude of people with different physiques. This helped us design and develop sim cockpits that suit just about everyone.


The other part was transforming the sim cockpit from “on-paper” to “in-operation”. We use high-quality powder-coated, Laser cut, CNC bent Carbon Steel to build our sim cockpits. All our SIM Cockpits are built in-house and offer unparalleled durability. The materials we use are the best and that shows in our products, Durable, Strong, and Immersive.


Our SIM cockpits are designed to fit most steering wheels and pedals available in the market. Although we’ve partnered with Logitech, our cockpits have predrilled holes for Thrustmaster wheels and pedals too.


SKU: 0001
₹50,999.00 Regular Price
₹37,999.00Sale Price
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    • The eSport Home Cockpit is Foldable | Modular | Compact
    • GT Style seating position
    • Compatible with Logitech, Thrustmaster & Fanatec ClubSport series steering wheel and pedals (Check compatibility list before ordering)
    • Adjustable steering wheel angle
    • Adjustable Seat height and angle
    • Seat Slider to adjust the reach
    • Gear Shifter Mount
    • It can be disassembled, folded, and stored away in just a few minutes
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