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The idea is to be realistic while learning, developing, promoting, and growing.

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“INRacing is an interdisciplinary team of Motorsport junkies, who provide Auto Racing & E-Sport services & products to individuals, athletes, and corporates by creating further opportunities for participation and evolution in the realm of Motorsports & E-Sports.”

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“INRacing’s is here to lead. We’re here to lead future race drivers, lead training facilities, and lead the country towards a future that involves Motorsports, E-Sports, Race Management, Safety Management, and awareness. That’s our Vision.”

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Our mission is to find, develop, nurture and build next-generation racers from the Indian Subcontinent. In addition, we’d like to encourage millions of auto racing enthusiasts to give the simulator a shot, and maybe develop a hobby that keeps them on the edge! Achieve their ambition of racing by bringing the afford-ability of E-Sports into the mix.

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Our future goals are to host the National E-Sport Championships for multiple seasons, to continue our hunt for India’s best race car drivers (across multiple disciplines), and to put these drivers on the world stage. And that’s just the beginning.

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We constantly work towards serving the best to our audience worldwide. 

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