The Simulator

INRacing and its engineers spent weeks at the drawing board. The idea was to build a simulator that felt good, was driver friendly, and brought out the best ergonomics, without losing style and panache. Part of our research (driver comfort) was with a multitude of people with different physiques. This helped us build a simulator that suits just about every one.

The other part was transforming the sim from “on-paper” to “in-operation”. We use high quality powder-coated CNC pipes to build our sims. All our frames are built in-house and offer unparalleled durability. The materials we use are the best and that shows in our products. Durable. Strong. Immersive.

Our sim is designed to fit any steering wheels and pedals available. Although we’ve partnered with Logitech, we have tested Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Madcatz.

Track Day! Every Day!

Master your starts, master braking, entering and exiting corners, hitting the apex, and finally podium starts. All this with every race track available globally, at the push of a button, in the comfort of your home!

Re-Defining Homework

All us racers need to do homework at most points of our careers. Our sim is built to to do exactly what it says—simulate. It helps us drive on a virtual race track, improve our lap times, sharpen our skills. We do all this across single driving sessions and over multiplayer modes. We’re basically track-ready before we get on to the track!